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  • Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA

4 points why we will continue to invest aggressively in blockchain technologies in 2023

In recent years, blockchain technology has had a very big impact in the world of innovative technology. Even critics have to admit in the meantime that it has proven and demonstrated itself to be a very secure and reliable network for the exchange of data and transactions.

Businesses and governments, meanwhile, have also recognised that blockchain technologies offer a great many benefits, including increased transparency, efficiency and ultimately security.

But what makes blockchain technology so attractive to us investors?

1. Blockchain is a decentralised system that is not controlled by a single party. Instead, it is run by a series of nodes (computers) that are interconnected using cryptographic algorithms. In this way, a general network of users can be created that can exchange data efficiently and securely.

2 Blockchain technology is an extremely secure network.

Because it is decentralised, it is almost impossible to manipulate or disrupt the network. Because data is stored in blocks, every transaction and record is permanently stored in the blockchain and the data cannot be changed without the consent of the consensus network.

3. Blockchain technology offers a high level of transparency.

By using a transparent data store, businesses, governments and any other user can track the path of any transaction or record. This allows users to have better control over the data and ensure that each transaction is executed correctly and efficiently.

4. Blockchain technology can also create better efficiency in business processes. Since data is stored in blocks, businesses can save a lot of time and large sums of money by automating and optimising processes. This allows them to put much more resources into other important areas while significantly increasing the efficiency of their processes.

Finally, blockchain technology is an innovative and very versatile technology that can be used for many different industries. Whether it is financial services, cybersecurity, e-commerce or other areas, blockchain technology can provide a very valuable solution for most businesses.

In summary, blockchain technology is an extremely attractive technology for us investors in particular, offering a great many benefits in addition to those mentioned, including security, transparency, efficiency and flexibility. If companies and governments are able to take full advantage of blockchain technology, they can gain a competitive edge in their respective industries and make a real difference in the long run.

By systematically investing in select BC products, we have been able to boost the value of our portfolio strongly and very lucratively for all our investors, especially in the beleaguered year of 2022.

We are sticking to our successful investment strategy and will continue to do so in a targeted manner in 2023.



Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif

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