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  • Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA

Further growth in the real estate portfolio.

Who hasn't heard the term " real estate gold"?

There are probably few better and more lucrative long-term investments in the United Arab Emirates than the real estate sector.

The economic metropolis of Dubai in particular has seen an incomparably strong growth in tourism, which of course further boosts this market and makes it particularly attractive and lucrative for solvent investors.

However, trustworthy networks and an in-depth knowledge of the market and its customs are indispensable prerequisites for success in order to actually enjoy the best properties.

I am delighted to have been able to expand and strengthen my existing real estate portfolio with another luxurious showpiece in the heart of Dubai, in the legendary Business Bay, directly on the water.

The excellent processing, the futuristic architectural design and, above all, the outstanding furnishings by a renowned interior designer specially engaged for this purpose, guarantee excellent rental income, an excellent increase in value and thus once again extremely attractive profits.

But take a look for yourself...[CLICK].

Of course, what additionally supports these fantastic profits is the fact that we enjoy 0% taxation on investment profits.

So investment is simply twice as much fun!

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