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  • Writer's pictureDr. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA

Investment - Who can I really trust?

When we look at the online investment market today, there are countless promises made to customers willing to pay.

But who can I really trust?

As an investor, I always focus on a few key questions that must be communicated to me transparently in a conversation at the latest:

Who is behind the company?

How is the value created?

What is the "worst case" ROI?

How rationally are the risks communicated and rated?

How structured is the investment process?

Who is my direct contact person?

Because of these "trust questions" alone, about 99% of the offers and promises fail my strict screening and get lost in the middle of nowhere.

(Frankly, I have no desire to place my trust in any "consultants" who are only out for a commission anyway).

In recent years it has become clear that a personal, well-maintained network is of central importance in the selection of my investments. It is precisely through these important contacts, who incidentally are all investors themselves, that the best opportunities crystallise "under the table".

In the United Arab Emirates, it is precisely these trustworthy contacts and networks that are central to the selection of my investments - and have incidentally crystallised as very lucrative.

However you define your own trust grid, work out a simple structure with some key questions that you definitely want answered.




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