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  • Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA

Seed investment in innovative blockchain company promises high profit potential!

This is the second time I have invested as a seed investor in excellently positioned, innovative blockchain companies that will launch their world firsts this year!

It's no secret.

I follow a clear technology indexed investment strategy, which has brought me and my investors very high profits, especially in the last two years. This includes using my strong network to identify high-potential companies that have developed exceptional products and will launch in the near future. As a seed investor, this gives me the opportunity to buy in under price at an early stage, before the prices explode as experience shows.

It is worth mentioning that I consistently focus on success points when carefully selecting my high-tech investments:

  • How innovative is the product really?

  • What are the concrete scaling opportunities?

  • Have all the test phases been completed?

  • How is the team set up?

  • Is there a clear marketing strategy?

In the seed investment I made yesterday, the dynamic company convinced me not only with the incredible innovation of its product, but also with the extremely high level of expertise of the young team.

The last point in particular is a central factor when it comes to the long-term success of a company. It is a well-known fact that ideas are born very quickly, but to implement them and to market them systematically and profitably is, as experience shows, something that only a few frontrunners are able to do.

I am extremely pleased to once again be able to offer my investors a fantastic opportunity to generate outstanding profits.


Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA

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