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What makes a good investor?

I am asked again and again what actually makes a good investor.

Of course, I could give a classic answer like "expertise, foresight, vision" or something similar. But the main factor is clearly the mindset.

Let me specify this a bit.

A good investor is first of all aware of one thing, namely investing money in order to get more money back later. Read this sentence again calmly and focus on the crucial word "later". Right now, 95 % of people who are willing to invest fail because they do not have this foresight in their focus at all.

This "later" helps the good investor to get through crises that cannot be influenced. When I personally invest in blockchain technology, for example, I am aware that not everyone on this planet understands what it is about yet (now), but that the technology will clearly become established in the medium term (future). It was the same at the beginning of the internet or the microchip processor development.

Of course, there will still be people who prefer to invest in steam locomotives instead of focusing on electric trains.

And this is where we come in. As an award-winning investor, I have a mindset of consistently investing in things that make a significant change to the world. On the one hand, this is in the area of real estate, as the population density is continuously increasing from year to year, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, which are increasingly overrunning the market and even entire job profiles are being massively changed and are already doing so (medicine).

I also explain this to my clients who want to invest with me via this platform.

Now ask yourself what is important to you when investing and why you might have fallen flat on your face more often in the past.

I am convinced that my little blog will perhaps make you rethink...

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