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Dr. med. Adel Abdel-Latif, MBA, is one of the best-known Swiss business personalities and enjoys an excellent international reputation.
The global entrepreneur, investor, physician and Spiegel- bestselling author has been extremely successful in building up several profitable companies and innovative investment strategies.
Today, he lives with his family in the global metropolis of Dubai and is regarded as an dynamic, serious and successful entrepreneur, investor and expert in the global business market. He was honoured with an Investment Award in Dubai for his achievements.

He is also holder of the prestigious Investor Golden Visa of the United Arab Emirates.
His investment interests are in the areas of digital financial products and luxury real estate, which have generated him very high profits in the last few years.

For the first time, he is now giving other investors the unique chance to generate a high passive income themselves without taking any risks

Easy. Transparent. Lucrative.



1971 - Born in Zurich, Switzerland

1991 - A-level Mathematics & Science
1997 - Graduated In Medicine From The University of Basel
1998 - Doctorate In Medicine
2006 - Consultant FMH For Radiology
2010 - Founder Radiolutions AG
2013 - MBA (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
2013 - Graduation as Certified Global Negotiator (University of St. Gallen)
2013 - Certified Coach of Business Development (Berlin)
2013 - World Champion Kickboxing (WKF)
2014 - Founder Dr. Abdel-Latif Consulting AG
2014 - Lecturer Negotiation, University of St. Gallen
2015-21- 3 Times Bestselling Author
2019 - Founder Radiolutions FZCO, Dubai (UAE)
2020 - "Adel Pur." 1st place German Business-Podcast Charts
2021 - Global Launch of "The Radiolutions Franchise"

2022 - Investor Award, UAE
2022 - Receives the prestigious Investor Golden Visa of the UAE

Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif focuses as investor on innovative digital financial products (Blockchain Technologies) and luxury real estate in the UAE.
When carefully selecting his investments, he focuses on the following points:

  • Vision & Management

  • Low risks

  • High ROI

  • Strategic scaling

It is one of Dr. Abdel-Latif's fixed principles to work only with global long-term and proven world-class investment partners.



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