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Our clearly defined and innovative extended strategies have enabled us to generate outstanding profits for our investors over the years. 

"FUTURE" prides itself on only working with highly experienced experts and business partners on the market, who partner with us in lucrative early stage projects. Through such trusted networks, clients of "FUTURE" have investment opportunities before they are publicly tradable on the market. 

This critical success strategy, combined with the UAE's tax-free policy, allows us to leverage our profits significantly for "FUTURE" clients.


Investment Strategies

"FUTURE" is focused on the extremely lucrative property market in Dubai through acquiring and selling luxury residences. An extension of this strategy is short term rental agreements with high-end business companies and travellers.

Luxury Real Estate

"FUTURE" has negotiated outstanding agreements with the largest and most sought after and respected crypto miners, which provide our investors with additional profit guarantees.

Digital Products

As seed investors, we carefully select outstanding high-tech businesses that are ready to be launched. We attach great importance and emphasis not only on product innovation, though furthermore to the expertise and strategic orientation of the leadership and management team. 

Private Equity

Dr. Adel Abdel-Latif has built quality trusting and long lasting business networks globally over the course of his distinguished career. Primarily, he selects only to work with decision-makers and leading investment companies in the market that enable clients of "FUTURE" to invest in products and markets in foundation stage, prior to being officially transparent to the general public. This has contributed significantly and had high impact on the high profitability of "FUTURE".

Strategic Partners

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